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Dairy Shares

Thank you for your interest in our Raw Milk Share Program.

Colorado Law requires the following from both parties wishing to receive this quality sought after product.


You become a member of our dairy when you sign up and pay the one-time

membership fee of $55 and sign a contract. 

As a member, you pay a monthly boarding fee that covers the

care for your portion of the herd and the processing of the milk. This means

that you don't actually purchase jars of milk but instead pay into the care

of the herd. This is important to recognize because regardless of whether

you need milk on a given week, the herd always needs to be cared for. 


1.     The cows are on a 45-acre regenerative farm with plenty of pasture! 

The girls have not and will not ever receive grain, immunizations or antibiotics as we are a holistically managed beyond organic farm. 


2.     The breeding schedule will be more dependent on the

natural forage of the farm and allow for seasonal "drying up" of the cows,

an important part of herd health. This means that the dairy will be a

seasonal dairy operating milking from April/May through December. For new and active members this will begin in the winter season of 2024.


3.   Monthly fees will be due during seasonal milking months AND when

milk is not in production. Remember you are not buying milk you have invested into the herd to receive their products.

They need care 24/365 days a year.


4.     Value-added products will only be offered during the high production

season when we have an abundance of milk. We will communicate availability

through our newsletter so stay signed up if you want to have access to these

delicious products! 


5.    Members will be required to pay the monthly boarding fee during the

milking season regardless of whether their share of milk is picked up each week.


that this fee is for the care of the cows and if you don't need your milk

you can donate it to another share holder or let us donate it for you!


6.     The Boarding fee- Fees must be paid in full at the first of each month of

operation. We will no longer accept cash for your boarding fee. Cash will only be accepted when value added products are availble.


*   $60.00-4 pickups/month for a whole share (1 gallon/week)- 5 pickups/

month $75.00         


*   $30.00-4 pickups/month for a half share (1/2 gallon/week)- 5 pickups/

month $37.50


 7.     Jar fee- $10/month will cover the cost of jars. Jars need

maintenance and replacement that the original one-time fee does not cover.

Running short of jars affects the quality of milk and increases labor and materials costs.


Weekly Baskets
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